Upper School 6-8


Woodcrest School transitions students from concrete thinkers to abstract thinkers. The Middle school program encourages social skill development and moves the student’s academic success to a higher level. During these developmental years, students are provided with structure and tools designed to foster growth and success. The Middle School provides a traditional college preparatory program with an academic emphasis on the core curriculum and an appreciation for fine arts and sports. 

Middle School students enjoy a class size of no more than 20 students, allowing each child to be an individual with a voice. The experienced faculty and administration team design a curriculum to provide each student with the support and encouragement needed to reach his or her maximum potential.  


In addition to the required courses, students are given elective options across all disciplines. Middle School students may choose to take an elective to either explore an interest or further immerse in a specialty 


For those interested in Woodcrest Middle School for the fall or in the future, please call 818-345-3002 or e-mail Ms. Adams at admissions@woodcrestschool.org for more information or see How to Apply on our website. 


Technology integration 


All students are equipped with the technology tools needed to succeed. In addition to providing SMART Boards in every classroom, the School also maintains an iPad Program for students in grades PreK – 1, a 1:1 Laptop Program for students in grades 2 – 5, and a 1:1 Chromebook program for middle school students.