Language Arts
At Woodcrest School, the language arts curriculum helps develop strong communication skills, reading, writing, listening, technology utilization and critical thinking. A wide range of experiences, teaching techniques and technology platforms enable students to engage in poetry, short stories, classic and contemporary novels, plays and anthologies.
A comprehensive, balanced literacy approach encourages students to become motivated readers and derive knowledge and meaning from what they read. Students learn strategies that help build sequential skills, decode unfamiliar words, reading fluency, and the ability to analyze and infer.
The writing program is cross-curricular addressing research writing, expository, persuasive, and narrative. The use of rubrics and portfolio assessment guides students through the process. Individual portfolios follow each student to document writing growth.
The mathematics curriculum develops problem-solving skills, critical thinking, application, and mathematical inquiry. The foundation is developed through a combination of skill-drill, problem solving, and process analysis. Depth of understanding is reinforced through the use of math talk and writes math prompts to support verbal and written communication about mathematical concepts.
Science and Health
Science is about discovery, curiosity, and experimentation engaging students to develop deep analytical and application skills. Our interactive Science Lab is where specialized scientific vocabulary is learned, proper use of laboratory tools is practiced, collection and analysis of data is interpreted and recorded. Health education integrates with the science curriculum.
Social Studies
Social Sciences build a foundation of our world through a systematic study of disciplines such as anthropology, geography, economics, history, philosophy, political science, sociology, and religion. The social studies curriculum focuses on decision making and its impact. Texts and primary resources are used as references to help make history and culture come alive.
Social & Emotional Learning
Sanford Harmony is a research-based, highly effective teaching strategy that strengthens classroom communities by helping each child understand and appreciate diversity in others. By breaking down barriers, Sanford Harmony enables students to connect and collaborate at much deeper levels.
Enrichment Opportunities
Woodcrest provides a wide variety of after-school enrichment classes on campus. Community leaders and specialists provide opportunities in areas of the fine arts, practical arts, sports, and technology. These activities are available in ten-week sessions for reasonable prices. Activities include Art Blast, Basketball, Broadway Show, Chess Club, Computer Arcade, Cooking Class, Debate Team, Karate, Soccer, Spa Princess, Swimming, and Woodcrest Chorus.
Gifted Education 2-5 Grade
The Woodcrest School Gifted Program is designed to meet the needs of intellectually and/or academically advanced children. In this specialized setting, Woodcrest groups self-motivated students to participate in an enriched and accelerated curriculum. As top scorers in national tests, our students’ achievements attest to the success of this program. Enrollment is limited.
Student Council
The Woodcrest Student Council is comprised of elected students from third through eight grade. Student candidates campaign with their peers at the beginning of the school year, culminating with the election of officers and class representatives. Each member of the Student Council participates in school-wide activities, makes decisions, conducts service projects, and experiences democracy in action.
As one of the original founders of the Valley Interscholastic Sports Association, Woodcrest Elementary is well known for its competitive athletic program. At Woodcrest, 3rd-7th grade students may compete in soccer and basketball in the VISA sports league and participate in game competitions against other area private schools. Each sport focuses on instruction, skills, and teamwork during biweekly practices.
The Woodcrest campus is home to the Australian Swim School. Students will learn all swim strokes and develop endurance in our own heated indoor swimming pool. For those students with a passion for swimming, Australian Swim School offers a competitive swim club that competes against others swim programs throughout Southern California.