Woodcrest Students
Woodcrest Students
Woodcrest Students

Woodcrest Elementary Admissions

Open House for Prospective Parents Grades K-5

  • Tuesday, January 12 at 9:30 a.m.

Welcome to Woodcrest School!

Woodcrest School is a private K-5 school located on a 2.5 acre campus in the West San Fernando Valley. For over 40 years, Woodcrest has provided thousands of students with strong academic foundational skills that have led to great achievement in college and beyond. If you are considering applying to Woodcrest School we invite you to learn more about our school by exploring our website and taking a tour.

The Strategic Advisory Committee, a parent run advisory group, has helped our school develop a strategic plan to enhance the school over the next three years. The plan included upgrades in technology including: IPADS and a laptop cart program, a campus wide beautification plan, upgrades to curriculum using cutting edge technology, and new ways to help select students afford private school by offering financial assistance.

We encourage you to speak to our students, parents, teachers, and administrators about why Woodcrest is the right fit. Either our Principal, Luanne Paglione, or myself are available at anytime to answer your questions about the admissions process and the Woodcrest experience. We look forward to meeting with you!

Rebecca Coen
Head of School

A Day in Kindergarten

Financial Assistance

Woodcrest School provides financial assistance to a select number of qualified students who might not have access to private school or existing families needing assistance due to changes in finances. Financial assistance is based on student need and is analyzed by a third party validator. All financial aid requests will be kept in strict confidence by the school and the third party validation company. Financial assistance is granted for one year only. Each family must submit a financial aid package to the school office by March 31 of each year. Every attempt is made to accommodate the needs of parents of returning students. Financial assistance is not guaranteed each year.

Middle School Placement

Woodcrest Middle School is an independent, coeducational school that understands that there is nothing more important than growing up. This is why Woodcrest Middle School focuses on being a small school with big aspirations. We are dedicated to helping adolescents fully experience their growth and development in a nurturing environment. This means that we are committed to keeping our school small enough to deliver an academically challenging education in a supportive environment. 

We think big, create big opportunities, and have big fun in a small, nurturing atmosphere.

Woodcrest Middle School is a supportive learning community where everyone knows each other; where we work and play together like family; where collaboration and friendships span all grades; where students feel safe and motivated to take risks and try new things. This is the power of being small.


We would just like to say that the school is absolutely fabulous. Our kids get up every morning looking forward to school, and we've seen a fantastic progression of their education over the last few years. We're very, very, very happy that they're here, and we would not put them anywhere else.

Mark W.

They come here because they have this entire little universe that is just theirs. And they are respected, and they are safe, and they have these amazing people and this great community.

Rachel G.

I love this school. What I love about it is that it's a family. Each teacher is a mom or a dad to my kids.

Randa A.

My daughter just finished kindergarten at Woodcrest. The teachers are excellent, especially the teacher my daughter had. They know in their hearts about the characters of each student.

Woodcrest Parent

[Woodcrest School] is the best thing that happened to our family.

Woodcrest Parent

This is a school with a family environment that has a top notch curriculum. With the small classroom, the child gets individual attention tailored to his/her needs. The principal and staff make everyone feel welcome, and the parents are involved.

Woodcrest Parent

Best investment you can make in your child's future. So reasonably priced considering the excellent education my daughter gets.

Woodcrest Parent

I think it's an amazing place for young minds to grow in a way that they can't elsewhere in other elementary schools.

Ronit C., Woodcrest '04

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