Clubs and student leadership

Woodcrest School students have a variety of opportunities to learn and demonstrate leadership skills outside of the classroom. Students are encouraged to explore their leadership potential and have their voices heard by participating in student government, afterschool clubs, and service learning.

Student Council

Woodcrest Schools learn the democratic process through our student council program.  The student council leadership tieam is elected by their peers to speak on behalf of this classmates to develop programming and policy with school administrators.


While Woodcrest School’s main emphasis is on academics, clubs play an important role in balancing the lives of students and providing opportunities to find a passion.

Club offerings (Subject to change)

  • Ballet/Jazz
  • Comedy
  • Painting
  • Tennis
  • Swim team
  • Piano
  • Sewing
  • Field sports
  • Russian
  • Chess
  • Science
  • Taekwondo
  • Game theory
  • Hockey
  • Chorus