Gifted Program 2-5

Welcome to Woodcrest

Gifted 2-5th Grade

It is our belief that Gifted students need to be provided with wings to fly as far and as wide as their talents and passions can carry them. At Woodcrest School beginning in 2nd grade, students  are provided with a rich traditional academic program designed to meet their specific needs while they are surrounded by a peer group that helps to challenge and promote enhanced learning. Instruction is provided by trained teachers, and in separate classrooms from the grade level programs. Students consistently work at above grade level standards.

To gain entry into the Gifted program at Wooodcrest School, students are Interviewed and assessed by an Administrator to ensure an academic fit. If you are interested in this highly academic program, please contact the Admissions Office at 818-345-3002 or by email at

Key Points

Social and emotional learning
Stanford Harmony’s Social and Emotional learning is in the school’s DNA, and our students are deeply involved in service learning and helping the community.
Well rounded Curriculum
Students score in the top 10% on standardized tests. Woodcrest is WASC Accredited with plentiful after-school enrichment classes.
Connection with Students
A majority of our teachers have worked at Woodcrest for over 15 years. A happy staff makes for a happy school environment.