Middle School 6-8

Welcome to Woodcrest

Middle School

Woodcrest School transitions students from concrete thinkers to abstract thinkers. The Middle School for grades 6-8 encourages social skill development and moves the student’s academic accomplishment to a higher level. During these developmental years, students are provided with structure and tools designed to foster growth and success. The Middle School provides a traditional college preparatory program with an academic emphasis on the core curriculum, STEAM and electives.

Woodcrest Middle School is a community of spirited and curious people. We encourage our students to engage in meaningful learning processes while they develop into confident communicators, community leaders, and global citizens.

Our Middle School program builds on the skills that students have cultivated through their years in the Elementary program. The teachers work with students to hone their specific skills, within each individual subject area, while integrating cross-cultural connections.

There is specific emphasis on students learning through investigation, research, and real-life connections that can be made in all subject areas. This emphasis helps students gain a solid understanding of the subject matter being studied. At the same time, students learn important study skills such as summarizing reading, note taking, material organization, analytical thinking and writing, and studying for periodic tests and exams.

The Middle School students enjoy a class size of no more than 20 students, allowing each child to be an individual with a voice. Teachers work in small groups to nurture successful and motivated students with the skills needed to reach their highest potential.

In addition to the required courses, students are given elective options across all disciplines. The Middle School students may choose to take an elective to either explore an interest, or further immerse in a specialty.

For those interested in Woodcrest The Middle School for the fall or in the future, please call 818-345-3002 or e-mail  Ms. Adams at admissions@woodcrestschool.org for more information or see How to Apply  on our website.

Small Class Size
Attention is given to each and every student in both small group and individual settings to provide the time needed and understanding to develop strong competency.
For over 50 years, our elite team of teachers offer students a traditional academic foundation accompanied by enrichment, electives, STEAM, foreign language, and P.E. Students score in the top 10% on standardized tests
Open Communications
Good communication is at the foundation of a successful partnership. At Woodcrest we establish frequent and consistent two-way communication with families to ensure that parents are informed of their child's academic progress.
Social Action
In addition to strong academics, Woodcrest students develop empathy and compassion for peers and the community at-large. Daily emphasis is placed on character and peer to peer collaboration and communication.