Preschool Ages 2-5 & TK

Woodcrest Preschool offers a traditional preschool program for children ages two to five years old.  Our preschool is NAEYC accredited, offering children in the San Fernando Valley the very best early education.  Woodcrest Preschool provides a loving and engaging early learning environment that focuses on promoting a love for learning, empathy for each other, and foundational reading and writing skills. 

Woodcrest Preschool offers families flexible schedules and extended care, Monday-Friday every week.  Each class is taught by highly skilled teachers who provide small group and one-on-one instruction.   

The curriculum at Woodcrest Preschool provides a strong foundation that fosters a love of learning and curiosity.  Students are encouraged to learn through exploration and creative play.  Teachers plan out themebased materials in centers throughout the room.   For those students who miss the kindergarten cut off, Woodcrest Preschool provides transitional kindergarten or TK.  The TK program at Woodcrest is an enhanced program that prepares children for kindergarten by teaching pre-reading and math skills.  Students will also be able to visit the elementary school to experience technology and physical education. Children who attend Woodcrest Preschool are provided with special tuition rates and expedited admissions to Woodcrest School. 

To contact the Preschool Director

Ms. Julie Robles at 818-345-3002 to set up a visit