Woodcrest School vs Public School

High academic standards
While public schools have their academic standards set by state and federal regulations, Woodcrest School has the freedom to set high standards and provide students with small class environments where they are encouraged to excel. 
Excellent teachers, who are free from testing standards
Public schools place a tremendous importance on standardized testing. This testing is used to not only evaluate a student’s proficiency in various topics, but to evaluate an educator’s proficiency in teaching those topics to students. 

Public schools devote a great deal of time in the classroom and school resources to specifically teaching students how to take these exams. They often call this strategy of “teaching to the test.” This teaching method helps students develop memorization skills but hinders creativity and problem solving. At Woodcrest, our students develop a love for learning and the ability to problem solve in a way that dramatically enhances each student's long term success.
Personal attention
At Woodcrest we have a much lower student-to-teacher ratio than public schools. This allows for more opportunities for student participation and more personal one-on-one education and guidance. This results in strong student performance and emotional wellbeing.
Innovative and exciting curriculum
Woodcrest School is small and nimble with the ability to identify new ways to deliver creative curriculum. This allows our school to serve our students by offering courses that develop critical thinking, substantial writing requirements, and hands-on discovery. 
A community drawn to a mission
While public schools are limited in what and how they can teach their students, Woodcrest School is free to pursue educational practices that align with our mission and values.
Deep and lasting friendships
At its core, attending Woodcrest School is very different from attending a public school, especially in terms of the friendships that are made. The idea of “community” is the most important part of a Woodcrest education. Teachers and parents work together to form a family of support that helps students thrive academically and emotionally. Many of the friendships made at Woodcrest often last a lifetime.
Access to teachers and administrators
At Woodcrest we offer parents a partnership to ensure that everyone is working together to challenge and support your child. Parents and teachers are committed to stimulate students academically, ensure that students are fully engaged, and that they uphold the values reinforced at Woodcrest.
Focus on the whole child
At Woodcrest our teachers understand that educating your whole child is an important and essential part of their job. This is accomplished through the classroom work, but more importantly, through enrichment, team sports, electives and community service.
Woodcrest School Grades K-8