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Sanford Harmony
Emotional Learning

Students need knowledge and critical thinking skills, but it is the “soft skills”—like empathy and inclusion—that allow them to create meaning out of life experiences.
At Woodcrest we call this the “hidden curriculum” that focuses on such building empathy, kindness, acceptance, and communication skills.  Woodcrest uses the highly acclaimed Sanford Harmony program to accomplish this task.  Sanford Harmony provides easy-to-use activities and lessons coupled with teacher training and support to guide teachers to building strong and positive classroom communities. Stanford Harmony helps create classrooms where elementary and middle school students feel more connected to their teachers and peers.
The Stanford Harmony Program at Woodcrest School encourage every child to interact with all peers. Students have opportunities on a daily basis to work together as a community: sharing with each other, discussing how they are treating each other, problem-solving and celebrating successes as a group.  Woodcrest accomplishes this process by daily buddy up where students are paired together to interact for quick, collaborative activities. During daily Meet Up activities, Woodcrest students discuss the highs and lows of the day in relation to a set of student-designed harmony goals.

Key Points

Social and emotional learning
Stanford Harmony’s Social and Emotional learning is in the school’s DNA, and our students are deeply involved in service learning and helping the community.
Well rounded Curriculum
Students score in the top 10% on standardized tests. Woodcrest is WASC Accredited with plentiful after-school enrichment classes.
Connection with Students
A majority of our teachers have worked at Woodcrest for over 15 years. A happy staff makes for a happy school environment.